After many years of clogging up Instagram, Facebook or any other social media at my disposal I thought it would be time to centralise our family tours, renovations and general life through blogs, showing the highs and lows of family life!

Now let me be clear, we are the last family who want to see another family preaching and showing life’s finer parts and neglecting the reality of life. Therefore this is purely a platform where I can share our day trips like a woodland walk or our holidays, a Sunday DIY project to a bathroom makeover, in order for you all to make your own memories and set your own challenges without the traditional social media filter.

We consist of a normal family of 5 of two working parents , with the ambition of giving are kids the experience of the great outdoors. I hope you enjoy what we offer and I welcome suggestions on any new trips. Simply scroll to the bottom to see the latest adventures and to see all the adventures simply go to the menu at the top and select Adventures.

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Broadland Country Park – Horsford – Norwich – Norfolk

I put my hands up…I’ve been abit slack when it comes to updating the blog – thinking i’ll be able to churn out a blog a week sounds easy enough, however it’s easier said then done. The photographs, the uploading, the writing all takes a little more time then you’d be led to believe, iContinue reading “Broadland Country Park – Horsford – Norwich – Norfolk”

Redbridge – Marriott’s Way – Norwich – Norfolk and the shortest snow season on record

We were awoken by our youngest screaming ‘its snowing’, naturally after seeing the daily express tell me every other day that snow is coming, it’s turned into the boy who cried wolf, but lo and behold there was snow. Nothing like ‘the beast from the east’ but still enough to get the majority of usContinue reading “Redbridge – Marriott’s Way – Norwich – Norfolk and the shortest snow season on record”