Whitlingham Country Park – Norwich – Norfolk

Located in the South East of Norwich just beyond the small village of Trowse Newton sits the beautiful Whitlingham Country park making up part of the wider Norfolk Broads. Born out of the demand for gravel the great mining area has since been flooded and turned into an enormous lake and surrounding walkways packed with things to see and do, its a win for the whole family.

Heading towards Whitlingham Country park along Whitlingham Lane you have the option of free parking along the road leading up to the site or there is a selection of car parks dotted closer to the main lake – At just under £3 we chose to park in the provided RCP car park next to ‘The Flint Barn’ , a great little café to stock up on hot coffees and some nibbles if your peckish on route. Naturally with a family of 5 i would always advise that you pack some treats in advance but i have to admit there is something satisfying stepping out of a café with a steaming latte for a walk in the morning. Parking can be paid via card or online using an App so is extremely easy. Within the car park there is toilets provided which due to the length of the walk i would recommend any young children utilise.

Whitlingham Broad – Area to rear of ‘Flint Barn Cafe’

Now the walk itself is very flexible in the sense that you have the main structured loop of the main lake itself which is approx 2.3 miles and takes just under an hour with little feet present (approx 45 just adults). However along the way there is plenty of opportunities to detour off of this route and explore the surrounding woodlands particularly as you head towards the ‘home run’ of the walk. This extended walk follows a path that runs parralel with the southern bypass (A47) and can be followed to enter the village of Trowse Newton which has a selection of small pubs and cafe’s.

Along the north of lake wraps the river Yare which is normally full of boats and also canoes that have been hired. Just to the rear of this is the main trainline that runs from the East Coast ie Great Yarmouth therefore for those who like to see trains cutting through the scenary this is a good spot for that too.

Overall the walk itself is great for all the family, with plenty to see along the way. The loop itself is extremely popular with locals and those travelling into Norwich and is often quiet busy however due to the size of the park itself you don’t really notice. Our 3 children thoroughly enjoy it every time we take them round and barely notice the distance which is always a benefit. Therefore this gets the thumbs up from the Norfolk Explorers !

Cost – Car Park Only – Approx. £3 for 2 hours

Distance – 2.5 miles

Toilets – Public toilets available at the main car park

Catering – Café at car park

Dog Friendly – Yes

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