Dunston Common – Dunston – Norfolk

Now two weeks in to Lockdown V2 – the need to get out and about and enjoy the fresh air has never been more important. General lockdown fatigue is well and truly felt however there is still plenty of places to visit with the whole family.

Located south of Norwich is the little great little woodland walk located in the village of Duston just behind Dunston Hall Golf Course. Heading out of Norwich on the A140 and taking the right left just prior to the entrance to the golf course you will enter the small village of Dunston and find the small car park on the right.

Dunston Common Playarea

The main common is both dog and child friendly with a small climbing frame located in one corner, comprising of a slide, climbing wall and a fireman’s pole. Just behind this is a bench so the parents can enjoy the woodland views and a little bit of peace!

The walk itself into the woodlands is small however there is plenty to see with hidden paths and ponds located along the journey. To the rear of this you enter the main walkway that leads up to St Remigius Church, Dunston. This little church is nestled in between the surrounding grounds of Dunston hall golf course . A nice little find on this journey was a holly tree growing out of the remains of a long dead tree in the church grounds.

St Remigius Church, Dunston

Overall a nice little autumn walk, not long however a variety of environments from open common, woodlands and church grounds. Therefore for those little feet or just a nice weekend walk we recommend adding this to your places to visit !

Cost – Free

Distance – 1 mile

Toilets – No

Catering – No

Dog Friendly – Yes


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