Oxburgh Hall – Kings Lynn – Norfolk

Oxburgh Hall is defiantly one of the National Trust’s greatest gems – Steeped in history, Oxburgh Hall stands proud in the West Norfolk Countryside just outside Kings Lynn and is a great day out for the whole family – Read below to see our day out at this 15th Century hall !

Completed in 1482 – Oxburgh Hall was home to the Bedingfeld family – And for a family home they didn’t spare any expensive and grandeur.

Parking at Oxburgh hall is plentiful however during the current pandemic the National Trust advise that you book a slot using there online portal (Easily located on their website), however on this occasion we did not book but this did not stop us getting in as there was very few people there.

Unlike many of the places we visit there is a cost attached to this day out if you are not a National trust member. (The Norfolk explorers highly recommend getting a National Trust membership) At the time of writing this article a family ticket was £20 which in our personal opinion is a reasonable fee considering the scale of this place – Also you can visibly see where this money is going as there is a huge restoration project across the hall focusing primarily on the roof – costing the National Trust approx £6 million ! Check out the official Oxburgh Hall Instgram for visuals of what they are doing beneath the tarp.

There are two walks to chose from when on site; the first walk is a really quick 800m walk around the gardens which is enough for those who want to simply see the hall and a dip in the woods however the Norfolk explorers recommend the full Woodland walk which is approx. 3.5km. The walk starts at the main entrance, looping around the hall and then dives deep into the surrounding fields and woodland, taking around an hour to complete. One thing to bare in mind is that these trails are not ‘hard paths’ and are really muddy if there has been a recent down pour therefore make sure you and your family bring appropriate footwear, something i did not do ! Lesson learnt.

Two little nuggets within the ground which are also vital to see are firstly a chapel is located within the grounds and also is the romantic looking cottage known as Chapel Lodge. On further research of Chapel Lodge i was surprised to discover that the National Trust actually allow guests to stay. Disappointingly though they have put a minimum stay of 3 nights and only for couples but its an option for those who are childless and have a long weekend free !

The centre piece to this day is the hall itself and this did not disappoint. Although much of the main structure is covered due to extensive renovation entry is still allowed in to the ground floor of the building. After checking in via the mandatory track and trace QR code you are allowed through to access as series of historical rooms packed full of artefacts.

Overall Oxburgh Hall gets a thumbs up from the #norfolkexplorers, with a mixture of environments including woodlands, fields, mature gardens and the hall itself, it offers a great variety. The facilities are good including toilets, basic catering and plenty of parking. As always, if you enjoyed this post give the blog a thumbs up and click the follow button for a new blog every weekend, or take the opportunity to look back at all the places we’ve visited in the ‘adventures’ section and things we’ve experienced along our way. Follow us on Instagram too for our day to day adventures and further content!

Cost – Free with a valid National Trust Membership – Or approx £20 for a family of 5, can be lower depending on group size.

Distance – Short or long – entirely your choice

Toilets – Yes

Catering – Yes

Dog Friendly – Yes

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