Bowthorpe Southern Park- Norwich – Norfolk

Keeping the children busy every weekend is always difficult, specially as we head into the long winter nights. With darkness upon us by 4pm often a long drive out to the big hotspots isn’t an option and therefore places like Bowthorpe Southern Park are great as they offer a local option still packed with lots to see.

Nestled between the housing estate of Three Score and Colney in West Norwich is a nice spot for a quick dog walk or just a family walk along the river. If using a Satnav like Google, simple type ‘Bowthorpe Southern Park Car Park’ or the address ‘Three Score Rd, Norwich NR5 9HY’ to take you to the free car park.

The walk itself takes you along the banks of the River Yare and is a mixture of established paths and grass paths – We recommend that if you visit just after a down pour you go with your wellies! As you can see from the picture above the area was very boggy, so much so that at one point the boy actually lost his welly in the mud. Yet visiting after a downpour actually added another level of adventure and created a nice view across the marshlands.

The area is self is home to a considerable number of horses, who roam around with little fear of humans which is always a bonus. This enabled the youngest to get up close and personal to one, which again is great as its these interactions that set them up, now knowing they have nothing to fear from animals – even ones that are 5 times the size ! After seeing the horses we used the opportunity to stop and have a quick picnic beside the pond which is always nice for the children.

Overall Bowthorpe South park gets a thumbs up from the #norfolkexplorers, with a mixture of environments including marshes, and rivers – So take a bag of carrots, feed the horses and check out this lovely little walk. As always, if you enjoyed this post give the blog a thumbs up and click the follow button for a new blog every weekend, or take the opportunity to look back at all the places we’ve visited in the ‘adventures’ section and things we’ve experienced along our way. Follow us on Instagram too for our day to day adventures and further content!

Cost – Free

Distance – Short – 1.7 miles

Toilets – No

Catering – No

Dog Friendly – Yes


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