Cromer – Norfolk – Loaded Fries and Beach Walks

As Norfolk emerges from Christmas day into Tier 4 the Norfolk Explorers continue to find trips out that remain within the guidelines and this week we found ourselves in the beach town of Cromer, famous for its mighty peer projecting into the North Sea and its long coastal walks we took the opportunity to explore what it has to offer. To find Cromer simply tap ‘Cromer beach’ into your phone or use the postcode NR27 9AT on your Sat-Nav to take you to the beach front.

I will be honest to start, we actually didn’t go to see the pier or experience the array of independent shops that are scattered across the town. No we went to visit a particular take away we had heard amazing reviews of, ‘The Bucket List’. One to which we attempted to visit a few weeks back however it was closed, but the lure remained and as a spare of the moment decision we decided to revisit.

On arrival we wasted no time getting the chips in, parking right opposite ‘The Bucket List’ we jumped straight in and ordered ‘The hybrid’ consisting of Smoked Cheddar, Bacon Scraps, Crispy Onions, BBQ Sauce & Aioli and a ‘BAM containing BBQ Sauce, Mozzarella & Aioli (Aioli is garlic mayo). I have to say the portions were far bigger then we expected as we also ordered 3 more for the children – which in hindsight was abit over kill. As you can see from the photo below these chips were ‘LOADED’, and i will happily admit there was no way i could finish. Therefore we highly reccommend you check these out whilst your in town. Simply search ‘The bucket list’ or use the address 9a Hamilton Road, NR27 9HL to find them !

Loaded fries from ‘The Bucket List’ – Cromer

After stuffing our faces and fighting the urge to have a nap in the car post pigging out we ventured out along the coastal walk to appreciate the Norfolk coast line. Without sounding corny the lure of the sea never dulls even with age, the crashing waves and the rolling horizon always make any beach visit a real pleasure for everyone. As we walked along the seafront we intended to go on the pier however following the announcement that Norfolk was to enter Tier 4 the decision was made to close it. Therefore we took the opportunity to walk along the pebble laden beach towards the cliffs of Overstrand.

Cromer Pier looking towards Overstrand Cliffs – Norfolk

The calmness and normality of places like Cromer continue to be great for the family as they offer the normality which we all crave so much. Throughout the trip you are subtly reminded that all is not the norm with the Pier being closed and every so often signage to indicate social distance, yet for those few hours you forget that the world and humanity are facing an unprecedented challenge and the children get to be children again. I hope that in reading these blogs you take the opportunity to get out and about with your family as its more critical then ever that we do this, as its very easy to get caught in ‘Pandemic lifestyle’ and not enjoy some of the great places we have around us.

From the Norfolk explorers – We hope you had a great Christmas and go onto have a lovely new years ! As always if you liked what you read, want somewhere to take the family or just burning a few hours scrolling through the web, please take the opportunity to check out our other blog posts on exploring and life. Until next Sunday, Take care – Norfolk Explorers.

Cost- Free parking on main beech front – selection of pay and display car parks if required

Catering – multiple venues to choose from, plenty of fish and chip shops and as mentioned ‘The Bucket List’

Dog friendly – Yes however seasonal restrictions are in place for taking your dog on the sea front


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