The Mystical Woods – West Norwich

I’m not sure to when the woods behind Thorpe Marriott became known as the ‘Mystical woods’ however it is more attractive then simply ‘the woods’. Growing up in Thorpe Marriott i had little interest in this woodland and it wasn’t until i was in my early 20’s i went to the Mystical woods after purchasing a Mitsubishi Pajero and taking it off roading around the woodland, which embrassingly involved me getting towed out by a Range Rover after i made a royal hash of the affiar

Located west of Norwich off the NDR simply search for ‘The Mystical Woods’ on your phone or if using a Sat-Nav use the postcode NR10 4DX. Parking is free, in an ‘off road’ car park – just off the roundabout.

When we visited the ‘mystical woods’ the whole country had just experienced an almost biblical down pour resulting in pretty much everywhere being flooded! Luckily I have invested for the entire Norfolk Explorer clan to have knee high wellys which come in handy. The walk itself around the mystical woods is not one that is mapped out and is therefore up to the individual as to what route they take however we recommend following the path parallel to the East bound NDR.

The ‘Mystical woods’ following the Eastbound carriage way.

During our walk the sound of the passing traffic was overshadowed by a older lady screaming histerically which caught all of our attention and then suddenly we saw four dogs leeping between the furns, much like deers do. However we quickly realised that the dogs where chasing an unfortunate squirrel who sadly met a sorry fate at the hands of the dogs. Events like this really frustrate us as dog owners as we know that we have a responsibility when with our dog, not only for its safety but also of others around, including other animals. As always I don’t like preaching but this was entirely avoidable in our view.

As we continued are walk you come to the rear of a farm called ‘Nature Farm’ and you are given two choices either walking to the rear of the farm and cutting across towards marriotts way or you can remain in the woods heading in the direction of the village of Horsford. We chose to remain in the woods fighting our way through the paths or more precisely the 15cm of water that covered them.

As we looped round again between the trees every so often we would catch a glimpse of other families taking the opportunity to explore these great woods and can see that this is a popular spot for walkers, both with dogs or just a leisurely walk with the family.

Overall the mystical woods is a pleasant walk, as with any woodland walk when you find yourself completely surrounded by trees in every direction and the only noise you hearing is the creeking of the trees blowing in the wind, a sense of peace fills us all which in this day and age is a hard thing to come by. Therefore the Norfolk explorers highly recommend a visit.

Thank you for taking the time to read up on our latest adventure and as always check out the other posts on the site to see our many trips. See you next Sunday.

Cost – Free

Distance – 1.5 Miles

Toilets – No

Catering – No

Dog friendly – Yes

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