Redbridge – Marriott’s Way – Norwich – Norfolk and the shortest snow season on record

We were awoken by our youngest screaming ‘its snowing’, naturally after seeing the daily express tell me every other day that snow is coming, it’s turned into the boy who cried wolf, but lo and behold there was snow. Nothing like ‘the beast from the east’ but still enough to get the majority of us excited.

Today we took the opportunity to visit Red bridge Park an area between the areas of Costessey and Hellesdon of Norwich. Now there are ways in which to enter this area however if you want to park closest to the bridge itself use the postcode NR50AG or search ‘Red Bridge park’ in your satnav, following the dirt track you’ll find a small car park just on your left.

Following the path down from the car park towards the river you are met with an area which in the summer is perfect for picnics by the river and a paddle, not something we you’d want to do when its -1 as it was when we visited. However the snow brings an entirely new scenery and transforms it into somewhere new to explore.

River Tud

I’ll be honest in relation to the ‘walk’ we kept it brief, just below a mile as you can see by the map below. This was probably for the best as by half way round the novelty of the snow had worn off and the reality of having freezing finger tips and toes was all to obvious for the youngest. For those who want to take this walk any further, once through the main ‘Red Bridge Park’ area and onto Marriott’s way, you are able to either walk Eastwards towards Norwich, or West which ultimately goes to Aylsham – Something which is on my to do list for this year.

As we walked along the River Tud, the river was racing by, almost turbo charged by the sudden blast of snow we were receiving. In areas along the path the banks had burst and areas that were once greenery became ponds on their own.

I am glad we got down to ‘Red Bridge Park’ before lunch time as as always the long overdue ‘snow storm’ was just a little flurry which dissipated just hours later. Overall though seeing snow and getting an opportunity to take a walk around the woodlands was a nice bit of variety, seeing the children play on sledges and making snowmen was a well needed break. For a period of time, surrounded by the falling snow, everything seemed normal. Following this we took the opportunity to go to the local baker ‘Easters Bakery’ to indulge on a selection of pastries and cakes which warmed us all up – something we highly recommend if you are in the area!

Overall Red Bridge Park, is a lovely place to visit, in the summer it provides a perfect place for the whole family to take a dip in a clean (as clean as you get in the UK) river whilst enjoying a picnic on the surrounding grass areas, in the winter, particularly during snow you are spoilt with meandering paths through woodlands, river views and surrounding meadows. We therefore recommend this all year round. As always, thank you for taking the time to check out this weeks post, while your here take the opportunity to have a look at our other adventures, or follow the link to our Facebook and Instagram pages for more content.

Stay Safe- Norfolk Explorers


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