Marston Marsh – Norwich Norfolk

It seems crazy that less then a week ago the whole of the South East of the UK was coated in a thick blanket of snow, but here we are and with the slightest hint of sun the citizens of England are out in full force. Today the Norfolk explorers found ourselves at Marston Marsh, just south of Norwich.

To find, simply search for ‘Marston Marsh’ in your Satnav or use the postcode NR4 6LJ. As you are driving along Ipswich Road be careful not to miss the turning as I must of driven past it a hundred times and never noticed it there. Once you are on Marston Lane head down and there are two places to park, one on the right hand side which is the larger of the two car parks and if you follow the lane down to the end you will find a two space car park at the entrance to the Marsh. I would recommend you park in the Upper car park as often the lower one is full and you’ll find yourself having to pull of an awkward manoeuvre down a single lane.

Marston Marsh visitor sign board

On entering through the cattle gates you’ll see the visitor board showing the routes you can take, abit of history and also the animals found within the area. Following the main path around the edge you will find yourself walking along the banks of the river yare.

During our visit the banks were burst and the edge of the river was hard to tell as much of the Marsh land was flooded however we spotted a cluster of older ladies enjoying a swim down the river, as I said the English were out in full force but I didn’t expect to see people in their swimming costume as it was only 14 degrees.

Following the banks of the Yare along you’ll find plenty of places to stop and take in the scenery and for the kids to explore along the route. Our gang found an oddly shaped tree which was perfect for climbing. In the summer months the area to the rear of the marshes is home to cattle and horses which is always nice to see.

Towards the far end of the marshes you can choose to takr your walk further, pressing into the suburb of Eaton along Marston Lane or loop back up towards the car park where there’s a further woods and a play area to explore.

During the walk and seeing alot of families out and about it was the first time since the middle of last year where life felt normal again. To be out and about enjoying the world without the constant reminders of the global pandemic ringing in your ears. I know we still have a long way to go however there is definitely a strong light at the end of the tunnel and we for one cannot wait so we can get out and see far more of the wider world.

Thanks for taking the time to check out this week’s blog. Whilst your here take the time to check out our Instagram to see more of our adventures or check our our catalogue of our previous trips in our other blogs. Take care !


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