Broadland Country Park – Horsford – Norwich – Norfolk

I put my hands up…I’ve been abit slack when it comes to updating the blog – thinking i’ll be able to churn out a blog a week sounds easy enough, however it’s easier said then done. The photographs, the uploading, the writing all takes a little more time then you’d be led to believe, i do take my hat off to those prolific youtubers/bloggers etc that stick to that routine !

Main notice board at the Car Park.

However with the opening of a new country park in Norwich it seemed the perfect opportunity to blow the dust of the keyboard (Sadly this is true) and share with others seeking to get out and about the newest kid on the block.

Nestled between the villages of Felthrope and Horsford just West of Norwich is ‘Broadland Country park’ – 140 acres of a mixture of heathland and woodland. To locate simply type ‘Broadland Country park’ into google maps or if using a postcode use NR10 4DF – and you’ll find the car park just on the corner.

Broadland Country Park

Recently acquired by Broadland District for £700,000 this area previously known as ‘Houghen Plantation’ offers two main routes for walkers, bikers alike. The pink trail is the shorter of the two – at approximately 1 mile. Starting off you’ll find yourself walking between the ‘Oakland Organic Eggs’ farm, home to a verity of animals including sheep, horses and obviously chickens, what is always good to see is the animals being free range and have a nice area to live out their lives, They even have their own small farm shop at the entrance. Then proceeding into deeper woodland which is buzzing with wildlife.

Oaklands Organic Eggs Farm

The longer of the two routes – The Purple Trail is approximately 1.6 miles, circling the Houghen Plantation and entering Felthorpe common before looping back towards the car park. See below a recent Youtube upload from Broadland District Council providing some excellent drone footage of the area which shows some of the great terrain this walk offers.

As always, i hope you’ve enjoyed the read and found somewhere new to go explore either on your own or with family/friends. Don’t forget to click subscribe or follow the Norfolk Explorers on Instagram (Link below) and check out our other trips.

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