Tintagel Castle – Cornwall

Based on the North Cornish coast is the impressive Tintagel Castle. Famously linked to King Arthur but alone its positioning on its own island rasied out off the sea floor via jagged rocks make it a spectacle on its own.

As mentioned on a previous blog, any adventure within Cornwall should come with a effort warning. Expect steep inclines, hard terrain, but also expect amazing views. Pack accordingly as we went with our entire tribe (at the time aged 4,7 and 10) we knew we needed lots of fluids and plenty of snacks to keep their energy up ( and to shut them up when they moaned about the inclines).

Parking in the Tintagel vicinity requires payment. Luckily the local cornish councils have streamlined their process and centralised it onto one App which simply requires entering the site code on to and the payment comes from PayPal. – i recommend you download this app before you visit see the link –

Parking itself is of limited capacity and due to the nature of the local roads you are limited to the official car parks itself. We parked ourselfves in the ‘Old Tintagel Country Club Car Park, located as close to the main ‘Castle Road’ down to the sea front.

Any visitors (Which admittedly before we went we didn’t know) should be aware that the site is an official ‘English Heritage’ site therefore has a price attached to visiting. See below the prices for the visit At the time of writing this article (October 2020). Now at this point i will be honest, looking at the site itself and the price tag attached to it – As a family of 5 this would have been a minimum of £37.30 (Not including a voluntary donation) i viewed this as excessive. As with many considerations i make on our trips are the value that the entire family will get from the trip, and in all honesty i could not see a 4, 7 and a 10 year old taking full advantage of it.

Member – Join nowFreeFree
Child (5-17 years)£9.60£8.70
Concession £14.50£13.10
Family (2 adults, up to 3 children)£41.60£37.30
Family (1 adult, up to 3 children)£25.60£23.20
Prices onto the Tintagel Castle Island as of October 2020

Below i have shown the route we took which provides two key points of interest, firstly Glebe Hill for the photos and then St Materiana’s Church which is a lovely little church which the children really enoyed.

Therefore for anyone wanting a review of the island itself, i would stop reading, however if you a take on how to see the scale of the ‘Castle’ without the price tag feel free to continue. Now as you walk down ‘Castle Road’ approx half way down you will see a small wooden bridge to your left hand side, this will take you up a hill to a free National Trust site known as Glebe Hill. On the way up the hill the children uncovered a wrecked car. Based on its location and the fact it was on its roof the only logical explanation as to how it got there as that aliens dropped it out of the sky. The car itself was Still full of old cassettes which I had to explain to the children were a historic method of playing your favorite tracks !

Abandoned car up to the peak of Glebe Hill

The top of the hill offers amazing views of the castle without the price tag and also provides a nice circular walk around the village.

The walk itself is just under 2 miles however with a mixture of elevations and the constant stop starting from both children and the sites around it lasts a lot longer then you’d expect.

Cost – Car park and a Cornish pastry

Distance – Depending on how far you explore approx 2 miles – Wear the right footwear

Toilets – Public toilets located in the middle of the town

Catering – multiple venues

Dog friendly – Yes

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